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Our Story

Digital tools can make a world of difference for people with autism, but not all these tools have an easy-to-use, real autism-friendly interface or even content. Why? Because the sensibility of the nervous system of autistic people can substantially differ from those who are neurotypical, non-autistic. Most online user interfaces work with a ton of stimulation, but still lack sufficient visual support. Despite their skills and talents, those of us who are autistic may not win at online games or even in using digital tools independently.
We’ve realized that we’re given all the necessary resources, knowledge and experience, in case we’d want to make a change. We welcome all challenges heading our way.

Our Mission

Our aim is to develop autism-friendly games and tools that are easy to use for everyone, including autistic users. Though our main focus is on their needs, all games and tools are designed to be useful and entertaining. We’re committed to building bridges between the autistic and non-autistic world. We believe that common thinking and playing and accepting similarities and diversity will make the difference.


Auti-mate Games

We all love to play and sometimes we can even learn from it. But it’s also true that most smartgames have been developed to meet the needs of most people, so they may not be suitable for everyone. To make a change, we’re working on a set of autism-friendly games. The concept builds on strengths. The games are accessible to different audiences: gamers, their parents and to professionals as well. The package focuses on those cognitive skills, which are likely to function well in case of autistic users who could potentially excel at the games when they are suited for these users. We want t autistic gamers to have a chance to discover their talents, gain confidence, and learn. Our product’s design prioritizes people with autism.

Auti-mate Visual Schedule App

Visual schedules and sequences can be of great use to people with autism, but printed materials can’t be onat hand anytime, anywhere, in every situation. To answer this need, we’re working on a visual schedule app with quality visuals and an autism-friendly interface.

Our Team

The Auti-mate team is a group of professionals who are family or friends to people with autism, so we have first-hand experience about the special needs of these children and adults.

Samuel Tóth

Project Lead, Product Designer

Szilvia Sarkadi-Nagy


Robert Retter

Software developer

Eszter Daniss-Bodó


About Gamelab

The Auti-mate project joined Gamelab Zrt., an innovative game developer studio, in 2017. Among the studio’s other games, Gamelab provides the right mix of resources and drive to continue the csr project. Working as a HUB in the CCE region, the studio supports the development of outstanding games both for entertainment and and education.